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Sanjeev Sharma Ronkel

Film Director, Writer, and Producer

Writer – Director Sanjeev Sharma has marked his difference in the field of cinema through his unique ideology and one-of-a kind approach. His films have frequently proved and showed us a glimpse of how powerful cinema can be in individual and societal transformation if made with right intent and competence..

He worked in top most production houses of the country such as Rajshri Production, Vishesh Films, Ashtavinayak Cine Vision etc. where he honed his skills as a filmmaker. With a gifted ability to see the unseen, he deep dived into years of meticulous research work in perfomance psychology and philosophy and discovered his own original voice as a filmmaker which enabled him to create his own niche.

He firmly believes that cinema is derived from and dedicated to the society. This organic approach has been reflected through each of his films / work where he conducted his film making / work process in the most natural way possible bringing the best from everyone around him.

He is founder of  :  Ronkel Brothers Production, Ronkel Media Education & Research Institute, Ronkel Center for Script Development and Research.

He has also been associated with veteran playwright and director Padma Bhushan Sri Kavalam Narayan Pannikar.

"Cinema is derived from and dedicated to the society."

Step into a world where celluloid dreams intertwine with the fabric of society. I am Sanjeev Sharma Ronkel, a storyteller by heart, a film director, writer, and producer by passion. For me, cinema is not merely a medium of entertainment; it is a reflection of our collective dreams, challenges, and triumphs—a mirror to society’s heartbeat.

As a filmmaker, my journey is defined by a belief that cinema is not an isolated entity; it is intricately woven into the tapestry of our society. Every frame, every word, and every emotion captured on screen is a tribute to the myriad stories that unfold around us daily.

I firmly believe in the transformative power of storytelling. It is my earnest endeavor that my films go beyond the screen, resonating with the hearts and minds of audiences. Each project is a commitment to bring glory and prosperity to our nation, a celebration of our rich cultural heritage, and a call to inspire positive change.

Join me on this cinematic odyssey where storytelling transcends boundaries, and the essence of our society is etched into the very fabric of every film. Explore the narratives that strive not only to entertain but also to provoke contemplation, spark dialogue, and contribute to the growth and prosperity of our beloved country.

Thank you for gracing this virtual space with your presence. Together, let’s embark on a journey where the magic of cinema becomes a catalyst for societal reflection, understanding, and progress.

Biography of Sanjeev Sharma Ronkel

Hailing from the vibrant small town Rajakhera in the district of Dholpur, Rajasthan, Sanjeev Sharma Ronkel has ascended as a luminary in the world of cinema, imprinting his legacy through a distinctive ideology and an unparalleled approach to storytelling. Presently stationed in the cinematic hub of Mumbai, his journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of cinema when infused with the right intent and competence.

Pioneer and Founder

As the founder of Ronkel Brothers Production, Ronkel Media Education & Research Institute, and Ronkel Center for Script Development and Research, Sanjeev Sharma Ronkel epitomizes a commitment to nurturing talent, fostering research, and contributing to the overall development of the cinematic landscape.

Theatre Associations

Sanjeev Sharma Ronkel has had the privilege of being associated with the veteran playwright and director Padma Bhushan Sri Kavalam Narayan Pannikar, further showcasing his dedication to learning from and collaborating with theatre stalwarts.

Guiding Philosophy

His profound belief that “Cinema is derived from and dedicated to society” isn’t just a tagline but a lived reality evident in every frame of his films and in the ethos of the institutions he has founded.

Sanjeev Sharma Ronkel continues to be a dynamic force in the world of cinema, pushing boundaries, inspiring change, and leaving an indelible imprint on the cultural fabric of our society. His cinematic journey is a perpetual saga of creativity, purpose, and a deep-seated commitment to the transformative potential of storytelling.