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Welcome to the Cinematic Canvas of Sanjeev Sharma Ronkel !

Sanjeev Sharma Ronkel

Building The Nation Creatively
“It is my endeavor as a filmmaker that my films should bring glory and prosperity to our country.”

Sanjeev Sharma Ronkel

Welcome to the Cinematic Canvas of Sanjeev Sharma Ronkel

Dear Friends and Fellow Story Enthusiasts,

Step into a world where celluloid dreams intertwine with the fabric of society. I am Sanjeev Sharma Ronkel, a storyteller by heart, a film director, writer, and producer by passion. For me, cinema is not merely a medium of entertainment; it is a reflection of our collective dreams, challenges, and triumphs—a mirror to society’s heartbeat.

As a filmmaker, my journey is defined by a belief that cinema is not an isolated entity; it is intricately woven into the tapestry of our society. Every frame, every word, and every emotion captured on screen is a tribute to the myriad stories that unfold around us daily.

I firmly believe in the transformative power of storytelling. It is my earnest endeavor that my films go beyond the screen, resonating with the hearts and minds of audiences. Each project is a commitment to bring glory and prosperity to our nation, a celebration of our rich cultural heritage, and a call to inspire positive change.

Join me on this cinematic odyssey where storytelling transcends boundaries, and the essence of our society is etched into the very fabric of every film. Explore the narratives that strive not only to entertain but also to provoke contemplation, spark dialogue, and contribute to the growth and prosperity of our beloved country.

Thank you for gracing this virtual space with your presence. Together, let’s embark on a journey where the magic of cinema becomes a catalyst for societal reflection, understanding, and progress.


Sanjeev Sharma
Film Director, Writer and Producer

"Cinema is derived from and dedicated to the society."

Biography of Sanjeev Sharma Ronkel

Hailing from the vibrant small town of District Dholpur, Rajasthan, Sanjeev Sharma Ronkel has ascended as a luminary in the world of cinema, imprinting his legacy through a distinctive ideology and an unparalleled approach to storytelling. Presently stationed in the cinematic hub of Mumbai, his journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of cinema when infused with the right intent and competence.

Professional Brilliance

Sanjeev Sharma Ronkel’s cinematic odyssey has been an immersion within some of India’s most esteemed production houses, including Rajshri Production, Vishesh Films, and Ashtavinayak Cine Vision. Within these crucibles of creativity, he meticulously honed his skills, laying the foundation for a career distinguished by innovation and an intimate understanding of the cinematic craft.

His innate ability to perceive the unseen propelled him into a profound exploration of performance psychology and philosophy, culminating in the discovery of his unique voice as a filmmaker. This journey of self-discovery allowed him to carve out a distinct niche in the industry, marked by originality and depth.

Pioneer and Founder


As the visionary founder of Ronkel Brothers Production, Ronkel Media Education & Research Institute, and the Ronkel Center for Script Development and Research, he exemplifies a profound dedication to nurturing talent, advancing research, and revolutionizing the cinematic landscape. His institute collaborates with prestigious institutions such as the Indian Institute of Management, Raipur, Birmingham City University, UK, and others.

My Recognition

Triumphs And Unprecedented Glories

Sanjeev Sharma Ronkel’s films not only grace the screen but also leave a distinct mark of excellence. This underscores the profound impact of his work, positioning his films as powerful instruments for individual and societal transformation.

He has achieved a truly historic honor, etching his name into cinema history as a road is now named after his film—an unprecedented recognition in the realm of cinema.

He holds 3 LIMCA BOOK OF NATIONAL RECORDS on his name for his first of its kind films & theatre.

Standing as a beacon of excellence, he has been awarded the prestigious DG Commendation Roll — a highly distinguished honor rarely bestowed upon civilians by the Director General of Police —recognizing his unparalleled service as a filmmaker. Additionally, he is celebrated with 20 letters of appreciation and recommendations from eminent personalities across India.

His acclaimed films, featured in ’’India at 75: Thoughts & Reflections,” also serve as case studies at India’s top education Institutes like IIT Mumbai, Shri Dharmasthala Manjunath Eswara Educational Trust, and Birmingham City University, UK, illustrating their profound influence on both cinema and societal transformation.

For the film SHUDDHI, all the participant prisoners got ONE MONTH REMISSION to their sentence.

A splendid gift from Hollywood Actor Sir Daniel Day-Lewis

A splendid gift from Hollywood Actor Sir Daniel Day-Lewis

Receiving a personalized note and an exclusive book from the iconic three-time Oscar winner, Sir Daniel Day-Lewis, is an extraordinary achievement. This generous acknowledgment significantly underscores the importance of my ideology and work in the realms of cinema and education, providing a powerful validation. I am deeply honored by this gesture and it is a great inspiration to fuel my unwavering dedication to the world of cinema.

Association with Honorable Prime Minister

Under the guidance of Director General of Police, Shri Manoj Bhatt, IPS, Sanjeev Sharma Ronkel translated the vision of Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi into a compelling reality with the impactful short documentary film ‘SHRADHANJALI.’ The film stands as a powerful and heartfelt expression of gratitude, resonating with the collective sentiment of a nation deeply indebted to its courageous protectors.

Appreciations from the Honb'le Ministers, Govt. of India:

"Twitter Recognition: Chief Ministers Laud Work and Achievements"

Honored to receive public appreciation on Twitter from the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Smt. Vasundhara Raje, and the current Chief Minister, Shri Ashok Gehlot, for my work and achievements.

Appreciation from Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade Ji

“I am happy that the film ‘Shuddhi,’ written, directed, and produced by Sri. Sanjeev Sharma, is a great contribution to society. It is quite educative and informative. You have depicted the philosophy of Gandhiji’s life in a simple and effective manner. I pray to Lord Manjunatha Swamy to bless you to produce such films in the future, which will inculcate moral values and patriotism in the youth.”

Padma Bhushan – Padma Vibhushan Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade, Philanthropist and Hereditary Administrator of the Dharmasthala Temple, Member of Parliament, RajyaSabha (Karnataka)

Appreciation from Shri B. L. Santosh ji, National General Secretary (Organization), for 'Shuddhi : A New Beginning' Screening in Delhi Office

We’re truly honoured by the positive feedback and appreciation received from Shri B.L. Santosh ji, the Honourable General Secretary (Organization). The screening of our film ‘Shuddhi : A New Beginning’ at the Delhi office, coupled with his wholehearted endorsement, marks a significant achievement. His live viewing of the film and capturing moments with the team underscores the impactful message of the film. Such recognition from a prominent figure not only validates the team’s efforts but also emphasizes the film’s societal importance.

My Film Projects & Achievements

Hum Bharat Ke Matdata Hain

Main Bharat Hoon, Hum Bharat Ke Matdata Hain” is a captivating song written by veteran filmmaker Subhash Ghai presented by the Election Commission of India in partnership with the Rajasthan Police. With lively performances by Rajasthan Police bands and enthusiastic police personnel, this song received a vibrant makeover by the Rajasthan Police Central Band and the Rajasthan Police Mahila Central Band, adding a special touch to its melody. Its main goal? To ignite public interest in voting and inspire citizens to proudly exercise their democratic rights.

Road to Reform





शुद्धि एक नई शुरुआत


Theatre Associations with Padmabhushan Shri K. N. Pannikar

Sanjeev Sharma Ronkel has had the privilege of being associated with the veteran playwright and director Padma Bhushan Sri Kavalam Narayan Pannikar, further showcasing his dedication to learning from and collaborating with theatre stalwarts.

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Guiding Philosophy

His profound belief that “Cinema is derived from and dedicated to society” isn’t just a tagline but a lived reality evident in every frame of his films and in the ethos of the institutions he has founded.

Sanjeev Sharma Ronkel continues to be a dynamic force in the world of cinema, pushing boundaries, inspiring change, and leaving an indelible imprint on the cultural fabric of our society. His cinematic journey is a perpetual saga of creativity, purpose, and a deep-seated commitment to the transformative potential of storytelling.

Incomparable kudos

"Film 'ROAD TO REFORM' is a wonderful attempt. I'm so glad someone is thinking of rehabilitation for prisoners. Once tainted, even if cleared of charges, these people are always judged. It's a tough life for them. People need to be sensitized about it. My best wishes to Mr. Rajeev Dasot, Mr. Sanjeev Sharma, and the entire team for this lovely effort."
Rajkumar Hirani
Filmmaker & Screenwriter
"Watching your film was a delightful experience. Your artistic presentation and creativity bring to the fore the dedication, devotion, and the ultimate sacrifice made by this group of courageous policemen. I wholeheartedly thank you as a writer, director, and producer of this intensely motivational film, 'Shradhanjali.' We hope to associate with you for our creative endeavors in the times to come."
Pankaj Kumar Singh, IPS
Deputy National Security Advisor, Government of India,
Additional Director General of Police, Crime Branch (CB-CID)
"To keep the poignant spirit of the film alive, we have named the road in front of Jaipur Central Jail as the "Road to Reform. It has been a praiseworthy association. I highly admire your work ethics, genuineness, and strongly recommend you for any such endeavors. I hope you continue doing such great humanitarian work and set many milestones in the future."
Rajeev Dasot, IPS
Director General of Prisons, Rajasthan
"The film 'Shradhanjali' was created to crystallize the vision of Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. The portrayal of tribute to martyrs through a twelve minute film reflects your acumen in filmmaking. I wholeheartedly recommend you for any work of such nature and wish you a bright and successful career ahead in the film industry."
Manoj Bhatt, IPS
Director General of Police, Rajasthan
"It gives me immense pleasure to acknowledge the professionalism and creativity exhibited by you in producing 'Veergatha.' I am pleased to inform you of your creativity par excellence in educating, entertaining, and emoting spectators."
Lt. Gen. Ashish Ranjan Prasad, VSM
Member of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), India
Signal Officer - in - Chief & Senior Colonal Commandant
"I appreciate Mr. Sanjeev Sharma for his remarkable work as a writer and director and also for his creative vision, professional competency, and hard work."
Lt Gen Arun Kumar Sahni, PVSM, UYSM, SM, VSM, ADC
General Officer Commanding-in-Chief
"I am happy that the film 'Shuddhi,' written, directed, and produced by Sri. Sanjeev Sarma, is a great contribution to society. It is quite educative and informative. You have depicted the philosophy of Gandhiji's life in a simple and effective manner. I pray to Lord Manjunatha Swamy to bless you to produce such films in the future, which will inculcate moral values and patriotism in the youth."
Padmabhushan, Padmavibhushan Dr. D Veerendra Heggade
Philanthropist and Hereditary Administrator of the Dharmasthala Temple, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha (Karnataka)
"A unique concept by IPS Shri Rajeev Dasot, DG, Prisons, Rajasthan. The film is made with real prisoners and staff, shot inside the prison. It's written and directed by Shri Sanjeev Sharma, produced by RONKEL. Kudos to everyone involved in this project."
Sujeet Kumar
Member of Parliament (MP) representing Odisha in the Rajya Sabha